About Bariatric Hair & Skincare

In 2021, after Vertical Sleeve Gastric surgery (VSG), Jovanna (a co-founder of BH&SC) started to experience hair loss and dry, itchy skin a few weeks after her VSG. She found  that no products she tried were able to stop her hair loss and relieve her severe dry, itchy skin and her post-op vitamins were extremely difficult to swallow and upset her stomach.

Through research with Lynn (a co-founder of BH&SC), a Navy Veteran and Registered Nurse with 20+ years of experience in healthcare, they discovered that the symptoms Jovanna experienced are extremely common after weight loss surgery (WLS) and for people with other health issues that affect their protein metabolism.

Eventually, Jovanna expressed her frustration to a family member who recommended use of essential oils to fight skin irritation and promote healthy hair growth. Because of the positive results she experienced using various essential oils, Jovanna and Lynn understood that use of essential oils could benefit others who were preparing for or had experienced WLS. It was their desire to help others and serve this specific community that inspired them to create Bariatric Hair & Skin Care.

Our goal at Bariatric Hair & Skin Care is to provide our clients with high quality, eco- friendly, effective products and to provide a supportive forum for our clients to share information and resources related to successfully navigating side effects of WLS.